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Soil Testing

There are soil test kits on the market that are simple and easy to use which won’t break your budget. To get one, either head online or go to your local nursery. You’ll quickly find out if your soil has a high alkaline content or is too acidic. That way, you can add your fertilizer and compost to adjust your pH.

Use Less Water

Because water is restricted in areas where it is scarce, you need to plant a garden that requires less water in order to be sustainable. A method of landscaping and gardening called xeriscaping includes the use of drought-tolerant perennials and shrubs. You can also place a rain barrel at the base of your downspouts to collect rain to use in your garden.

Cultivate Your Food

Many people find satisfaction in growing their own delicious herbs, vegetables, and fruits. This is a major part of the lifestyle if you want to live in a sustainable manner. Plant with the seasons and plant intensively. Keep in mind that the hot temperatures of summer are too harsh for spring crops such as lettuce and greens.

Once the lettuce and greens are done, use backspace to plant peppers, tomatoes, and other hot weather crops. Cool-weather crops can be sown again once autumn arrives. The same area of your garden can deliver three seasons’ worth of food. According to South West Greenhouses, the average family could save hundreds of dollars a year through methods like this. So, it’s not just green, it’s also budget-friendly.

Compost Use

When you compost your green waste, you are on your way to a sustainable garden that you’ll truly enjoy. By using a compost pile, you can turn dried leaves, deadheaded flowers, and grass clippings into nutrient-rich soil.

Managing Weeds

Planting small shrubs or ground covers will shade the soil from sunlight. This will reduce the growth of weeds. Mulching the ground with stones and wood chips also has a similar effect. Larger areas should be covered with black plastic sheets. Even though the weeds may germinate, they will eventually die because there is no sunlight. Covering with the plastic sheet for two weeks is enough to kill the weeds.

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