Danish Institute for Sustainability

DIFS is a nonprofit organization educating people to build a just and sustainable future for people and the planet.

Sustainable nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) play a crucial role in society, the environment, and global sustainability.

Contributing to the development of sustainability is one of the main goals of our organization. These are research, aid, consumer awareness, conservation, and much more.

We want to tell you about how you can make your daily life, and business greener and more sustainable.

Our educational YouTube channel opens the world of sustainable development for you.

And no matter what country you live in, what you work for, you can become part of our large and friendly organization, take part in our projects, become one of our volunteers and promote the #BeModernBeGreen idea.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

We are looking for like-minded people around the world to promote sustainable lifestyles and carry out our projects.

A Non-Profit Organisation. Our Mission is to solve real-world problems such as climate change, health, and security

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