Natural resources and their Types

Natural resources are the raw materials and sources of energy that we use.

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Petrol, metals, soil, sand, wind, water and everything in between are natural resources. Manufactured items such as plastic, sheet metal, fabrics, microchips, electricity and concrete are not natural resources, but are most definitely derived from natural resources.

Types of Natural Resources :

  1. Renewable Resources: Resources that can never run out or can replenish through natural processes after a finite interval of time are said to be renewable resources. Eg. forest, wind, water and solar energy. Renewable resources can replenish themselves at the same rate at which they are used however the rate of consumption of renewable resources must also be managed to avoid the depletion of the renewable resources.
  2. Non-Renewable Resources: These are finite resources or we can say that they are exhaustible resources, once they are exhausted, it will take them millions of years to form. Eg. Minerals, fossil fuels etc.
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